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Increase the profitability of your clients and your agency

Tell better stories with data
Answer client questions with ease
Easily prove your value to your clients
Achieve client goals

Have the right data to achieve client goals with ease

Make data informed decisions that lead to better outcomes for clients and less churn for your agency.

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Get to “why”

Answer client questions in real time

When your clients ask hard questions - deliver answers in real time. Tell better stories with easy access to the data that matters.

Increase employee satisfaction

Supercharge productivity with automated data and insights

Boost your team's productivity and happiness with data automation. Give your team the gift of easy access to accurate data and insights.

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save time

Never download a spreadsheet from Amazon again

Say goodbye to cobbling together Amazon reports in excel and never quite knowing if you've got it just right. Junglytics dashboards are accurate, interactive, and update automatically.


Frequent Questions

Is there a setup process?

After signing up your account data will be loaded in over the next few hours. We will email you when it's ready. A few of our more advanced features require additional data and you can enter that via the website or a spreadsheet upload.

How often is the data refreshed?

On live pages your data is real-time. Historical data is updated each night to account for advertising attribution, returns and other changes that affect historical data.
Occasionally, changes made in Seller Central can take up to 48 hours to show up but this is rare in our experience.

Which Amazon marketplaces do you support?

We support all Amazon marketplaces

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

No hassle, no questions asked. Cancel anytime.


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